03-28-12 Press Release

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March 28, 2012

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(Westminster, CA) – On March 28, 2012, the Board of Directors of the Midway City Sanitary District recognized the professionalism of Sewer crew employees – Alejandro Gonzalez, Randy Griffith, Darrell Grimes, Miguel Jimenez, and Cody Ranslem, and commended them for their conscientious and compassionate efforts to assist in a medical emergency as well as their exemplary dedication and overall service to the Midway City Sanitary District and to the members of the public.
On March 2, 2012, at approximately 11 A.M., the Midway City Sanitary District sewer department crew was setting up to clean a hotspot at Magnolia Street and Bolsa Avenue when they observed an older gentleman in the driver’s seat of a red van stopped in the street. Cars were honking and going around the van. Seeing no movement, the sewer crew went to see if they could be of some assistance, and noticed that the gentleman was unresponsive and appeared to be unconscious.  As the van was still running and in drive, the sewer crew, without delay, shut off the motor, removed the keys, and checked to see if the gentleman was breathing and if he had a medical bracelet. They immediately proceeded to call 911 and directed traffic around the van.


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The Board of Directors and Employees of Midway City Sanitary District work diligently to provide sewer and solid waste services to the residents of the District.