2018 Meetings: Agendas & Minutes

Normally the Board of Directors meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 P.M. See Calendar. January 2019 meetings ONLY have been changed due to conflicts. Board meetings are held at the District Offices located at 14451 Cedarwood Avenue, Westminster, California and are open to the public.


  Meeting Date   Agendas   Minutes
DEC-18-2018 icon pdf 12-18-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-18-2018_minutes.pdf
DEC-07-2018 icon pdf 12-07-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-07-2018_minutes.pdf
DEC-04-2018 icon pdf 12-04-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-04-2018_minutes.pdf
NOV-20-2018 icon pdf 11-20-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 11-20-2018_minutes.pdf
NOV-06-2018 icon pdf 11-06-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 11-06-2018_minutes.pdf
OCT-16-2018 icon pdf 10-16-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 10-16-2018_minutes.pdf
OCT-02-2018 icon pdf 10-02-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 10-02-2018_minutes.pdf
SEPT-18-2018 icon pdf 09-18-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 09-18-2018_minutes.pdf
SEPT-04-2018 icon pdf 09-04-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 09-04-2018_minutes.pdf
AUG-21-2018 icon pdf 08-21-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 08-21-2018_minutes.pdf
AUG-07-2018 icon pdf 08-07-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 08-07-2018_minutes.pdf
JUL-17-2018 icon pdf 07-17-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 07-17-2018_minutes.pdf
JUL-03-2018 icon pdf 07-03-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 07-03-2018_minutes.pdf
JUN-19-2018 icon pdf 06-19-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 06-19-2018_minutes.pdf
JUN-13-2018 icon pdf 06-13-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf None
JUN-05-2018 icon pdf 06-05-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 06-05-2018_minutes.pdf
MAY-22-2018 icon pdf 05-22-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 05-22-2018_minutes.pdf
MAY-15-2018 icon pdf 05-15-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 05-15-2018_minutes.pdf
MAY-01-2018 icon pdf 05-01-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 05-01-2018_minutes.pdf
APR-18-2018 icon pdf 04-18-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-18-2018_minutes.pdf
APR-17-2018 icon pdf 04-17-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-17-2018_minutes.pdf
APR-03-2018 icon pdf 04-03-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-03-2018_minutes.pdf
MAR-30-2018 icon pdf 03-30-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf None
MAR-22-2018 icon pdf 03-22-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-22-2018_minutes.pdf
MAR-20-2018 icon pdf 03-20-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-20-2018_minutes.pdf
MAR-06-2018 icon pdf 03-06-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-06-2018_minutes.pdf
FEB-20-2018 icon pdf 02-20-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 02-20-2018_minutes.pdf
FEB-06-2018 icon pdf 02-06-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 02-06-2018_minutes.pdf
JAN-16-2018 icon pdf 01-16-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 01-16-2018_minutes.pdf
JAN-02-2018 icon pdf 01-02-2018_agenda.pdf icon pdf 01-02-2018_minutes.pdf