2017 Meetings: Agendas & Minutes

The Board of Directors meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 P.M. See Calendar. Board meetings are held at the District Offices located at 14451 Cedarwood Avenue, Westminster, California and are open to the public.


  Meeting Date   Agendas   Minutes
DEC-19-2017 icon pdf 12-19-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-19-2017_minutes.pdf
DEC-05-2017 icon pdf 12-05-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-05-2017_minutes.pdf
DEC-01-2017 icon pdf 12-01-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 12-01-2017_minutes.pdf
NOV-21-2017 icon pdf 11-21-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 11-21-2017_minutes.pdf
NOV-07-2017 icon pdf 11-07-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 11-07-2017_minutes.pdf
OCT-17-2017 icon pdf 10-17-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 10-17-2017_minutes.pdf
OCT-03-2017 icon pdf 10-03-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 10-03-2017_minutes.pdf
  SEPT-19-2017 icon pdf 09-19-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 09-19-2017_minutes.pdf 
  SEPT-05-2017  icon pdf 09-05-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 09-05-2017_minutes.pdf 
  AUG-19-2017 icon pdf 08-19-2017_agenda.pdf    None
  AUG-15-2017  icon pdf 08-15-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 08-15-2017_minutes.pdf 
  AUG-01-2017  icon pdf 08-01-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 08-01-2017_minutes.pdf 
  JUL-18-2017  icon pdf 07-18-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 07-18-2017_minutes.pdf 
  JUL-17-2017  icon pdf 07-17-2017_agenda.pdf   None
  JUL-11-2017  icon pdf 07-11-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 07-11-2017_minutes.pdf 
  JUN-26-2017  icon pdf 06-26-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 06-26-2017_minutes.pdf 
  JUN-20-2017  icon pdf 06-20-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 06-20-2017_minutes.pdf 
  JUN-07-2017 icon pdf 06-07-2017_agenda.pdf    None
  JUN-06-2017 icon pdf 06-06-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 06-06-2017_minutes.pdf
  MAY-25-2017 icon pdf 05-25-2017_agenda.pdf   None 
  MAY-23-2017 icon pdf 05-23-2017_agenda.pdf  icon pdf 05-23-2017_minutes.pdf 
  MAY-16-2017 icon pdf 05-16-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 05-16-2017_minutes.pdf 
  MAY-02-2017 icon pdf 05-02-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 05-02-2017_minutes.pdf 
  APR-25-2017 icon pdf 04-25-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-25-2017_minutes.pdf 
  APR-18-2017 icon pdf 04-18-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-18-2017_minutes.pdf 
  APR-12-2017 icon pdf 04-12-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-12-2017_minutes.pdf
  APR-11-2017 icon pdf 04-11-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-11-2017_minutes.pdf
  APR-04-2017 icon pdf 04-04-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 04-04-2017_minutes.pdf
  MAR-21-2017 icon pdf 03-21-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-21-2017_minutes.pdf
  MAR-15-2017 icon pdf 03-15-2017_agenda.pdf   None
  MAR-14-2017 icon pdf 03-14-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-14-2017_minutes.pdf
  MAR-07-2017 icon pdf 03-07-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 03-07-2017_minutes.pdf
  MAR-03-2017 icon pdf 03-03-2017_agenda.pdf   None
  FEB-21-2017 icon pdf 02-21-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 02-21-2017_minutes.pdf
  FEB-10-2017 icon pdf 02-10-2017_agenda.pdf   None
  FEB-07-2017 icon pdf 02-07-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 02-07-2017_minutes.pdf
  JAN-25-2017 icon pdf 01-25-2017_agenda.pdf   None
  JAN-17-2017 icon pdf 01-17-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 01-17-2017_minutes.pdf
  JAN-03-2017 icon pdf 01-03-2017_agenda.pdf icon pdf 01-03-2017_minutes.pdf