Service Area & Statistics

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Solid Waste Department

  • Average total tonnage: 38,273 per year, 736 tons per week average or 147 tons per day.

  • Total average pounds of solid waste per year collected:  76,546,000

  • Number of households served: 19,970 or 3,994 per day.

  • Weekly special services: 53

  • Bulky item service average: 152 per week or 7,934 per year.

  • Christmas tree pick up service: 32.17 tons or 64,340 pounds.

  • Number of daily routes: 7 plus one help truck.

  • Number of drivers employed: 8

  • Number of lead persons: 1

  • Number of supervisors: 1

  • Estimated number of containers (Black and Blue) owned by the District: 60,479.

  • Solid waste is processed at CR&R Disposal and transferred to the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill.

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill Site Information

  • Landfill opened in 1990 • Accepts non-hazardous, municipal solid waste from commercial haulers only.

  • Maximum permitted daily refuse intake for the facility is 8,500 tons per day.

  • Approximately 725 acres with about 341 acres to be used for waste disposal.

  • Scheduled to close in 2053.

  • A public park is the planned end-use of the site.


      • Fully lined to protect groundwater.

      • Landfill gas monitoring, recovery and control system.

      • Three habitat restoration areas.

      • Landfill gas condensate collection system.

      • Load Check Inspectors to collect and properly dispose of hazardous waste.

      • Fire, dust, insect, rodent, bird, litter and noise controls.